Our Cooks

Everyone loves their Food! They have Commercial Experience. Now Each has launched their own startup to serve innovative and culturally diverse food.


Cooks are Experienced, uniquely gifted…and supported

  • Professional cooks, who are supported by other more experienced cooks.

  • Launched their own food startup focused on direct-to-community food sales.

  • ServSafe certified cooks: industry recognized food safety training program

  • They learned to cook in their parents’ kitchen and LOVE to cook their culture’s unique food.

  • Access to a food startup mastermind community led by experienced coach and food entrepreneur.


cooks get A living wage and creative freedom

  • The Open Kitchens Project delivers sales of $500 / month or more to immigrant owned food startups.

  • Cooks are paid $20 / meal, which equates to $15 - $45 / hour after food costs.

  • Our innovative model eliminates commercial kitchen costs, which is prohibitive for startups.

  • Self-employment is better than food service jobs that require long hours and pay minimum wage.

  • Entrepreneurship offers creative freedom: menus, pricing, and schedule.


Innovative online community connects cooks and hosts

  • Open Kitchens Project offers cooks opportunities at private community events.

  • Cooks are selected by community members to host an event in their home.

  • Cooks are hired as a personal chef and cook in a member host’s home.

  • Community members attend events hosted by other community members in their home.

Paul Profile.jpg

Mastermind Program supports food startup owners

Paul Castiglione is an experienced food entrepreneur and certified business coach with a Masters in Education. He brings a range of food business, coaching, and marketing experiences to his role as program instructor and business coach:

  • Bi-weekly online sessions designed for food entrepreneurs to launch and grow fast.

  • ServeSafe and business licenses: guidance to acquire certifications and licenses.

  • The Open Kitchens Project community delivers sales of $500 / month or more.

  • Learning cohorts of 6 – 10 food startup owners: shared learning and encouragement.

  • Experienced food business owners teach relevant sessions: caterers, personal chefs.

  • Food business coach offers one-on-one support, accountability, and encouragement.

  • Online session transcripts available in multiple languages.