Open Kitchens Project
Open Kitchens Project
Homemade Food and Shared Connections

Authentic food & shared experiences

Eat. Connect. Be.



Open Kitchens Project – We build community around the dinner table.

Enjoy authentic home cooking, new dishes, and rich conversation, all while supporting immigrant chefs and helping them build new lives.

Where? —

Events are hosted by community members in their homes or in nearby community spaces.

See our Events page to find a dinner happening near you. OR… BECOME A HOST!

Who’s doing the cooking?

Our chefs are immigrants with a passion for sharing their culture, their gifts, and their stories. Joining us for dinner directly helps them to support their families.

Beyond food

Each dinner gathering also has a “curator”. Curators might be community leaders, life coaches, artists, poets, or those people who inspire, invite and challenge us to explore. They create a space for developing connections by asking us meaningful questions and encouraging dialogue.

Come feed your body, your network, your friendships, and your soul!

Join the community and be part of its growth. There’s a place for you here! Learn about how you can get involved by visiting our How it Works page. Help us grow this community where people who don’t yet know each other, come together to celebrate authentic food and new connections.

I really connected with people I just met
— Murray
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What guests are saying

"I just love the concept of combining new foods with stimulating conversation, while also benefiting immigrants. I enjoyed the opportunity to answer the questions in a friendly and non-judgmental environment, permitting [me] to express my personal thoughts."

"Really fun. Nice group of people and an enjoyable evening."

"It was the first time I had this experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you so much, Paul, Eleanor and chef!"

"A refreshing opportunity to connect more deeply with other people. :) "

"Surprisingly fun! I was attending as an invitation and was not sure I would like the curated discussion."

"Great questions and curator!"

"So worth it!"

"Good conversation!"

"Lots of fun! :)"