Host An Event

Do you Enjoy welcoming friends into your home for Dinner? Are these aspects stopping you?

  • overwhelmed by menu and planning details?

  • worried about coordinating schedules and cost?

  • don’t have the proper equipment?

We have a Dinner-Party-in-a-box Solution

You host and provide a welcoming space and a kitchen, and we provide the rest:

  • Authentic culturally diverse food from cooks who learned at the apron strings of their parents.

  • The place settings, linens, extra tables and chairs. Any or all of these, as needed.

  • Event planning arrangements: event program with conversation curator, invitations...and even friendly guests to fill out the guest list.

  • Meet and hangout with friends, co-workers, neighbors, and our community members.

  • We make it easy to manage guest needs, including schedules and dietary restrictions.

Around the Table.jpg

Here are some guidelines to make your event a success:

  • Choose a date, menu/culture (or we can help), specify dietary restrictions, and conversation topic (if you’d like). Then invite friends to join.

  • A day or two before the event: prepare to receive food and equipment deliveries as necessary. Deliveries might include dinner ingredients (refrigerated and dry goods) and dinner equipment (place settings, table/chairs, and cooking pots).

  • Arrange your home to host approximately fifteen to thirty guests (whatever number seems right for you and your home).

  • On the day of the event: make your clean kitchen available to the chef at the prearranged time.

  • The night of the event: set up the dining space, welcome guests at the door, and enjoy hosting your dinner event.

  • After the event: be available for equipment pick-up and enjoy the thank you's from friends and the community!

Please complete this form if you’d like to host an event at your home and we’ll get back to you right away:

  • Please provide as specific schedule information (ideally for the next 3 months) as possible to help us best coordinate cooks, curators and guests.

  • We do our best to have cooks, curators and hosts from the same area.

We totally appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the Open Kitchens Project. Contact Paul at (508) 215-9357 or for more information or offer feedback.