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Monthly subscription plans offer the best price to regularly join events.

A package of tickets offers the flexibility to join events as often as you choose.

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Buy a seat to an Open Kitchens Project event. Get connected with diverse ideas, people, and food: feed your soul and your body.

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Monthly & Annual




all include: membership to Community; Event Alerts; Priority Seating.

60.00 every 12 months

Enjoy flexibility and get discounts on seat tickets. This plan is great for those who want flexibility to attend events whenever it works for them.

  • $5 per month (one annual payment of $60)

  • Then get an unlimited number of seat tickets for $30 each (we will email you with a coupon code).

  • Buy tickets for any event, in any quantity at any time.

Attend Event Monthly
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Get a seat to an Open Kitchens Project event every month with this monthly subscription. This is a great choice for those who plan to come to events regularly. Enjoy our best pricing for events.

  • The recurring monthly payment includes seat(s) to event(s) each month.

  • Select the seat quantity that works for you and your guests.

  • Roll-over unused seat tickets to the following month.

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a package of tickets include: Membership to the community; access to any event anytime; guest access.

Try Three

Get a package of three tickets and go to any event, any time.

  • $38 per ticket

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Catered Lunch

Get a single meal serving. Delivery included at no additional cost.

  • $15 per meal

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Gift Cards

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Pay it forward! Share the gift of meals and connection. Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.

This gift card never expires.